• We using leading virtualization solutions. You can resize your server by selecting a new size at any time. Dynamically change as your business requires more resources. Feel free to start at any size and resize based on load, requests or capacity.
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) used for all hosting plans. With SSD you can expect much faster disk I/O (input/output) performance when compared to a traditional storage medium (e.g. SATA). If your site is read/write heavy (lots of dynamic content or databases), SSD will improve performance of your site dramatically.
  • We can support your servers throughout their entire life cycle. We can help setup your sites, install and configure additional software or anything else that may seem a little scary to you. Also, we can develop you a new website, mobile application or even transform your existing web artifact. Contact us for more information.
  • Setup

    Installation and configuration of web servers (Nginx, Apache), programming languages (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java), databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL). Monitoring and backup configuration.
  • Maintenance

    Transfer of an existing sites and data to a new server. Installation and configuration of third-party software. Ongoing software maintenance and upgrade.
  • Security

    Secure server configuration, SSL certificate installation (with assistance in the certificate purchase). Security audit and secure software configuration.
  • Performance

    High-performance server optimizations. Advanced software tuning and optimization for high-loaded sites and services.
Monthly administration subscription
Price Description
$200 / month Ongoing server maintenance and optimizations.
$400 Initial server setup (one-time per new server).
One-time administration
Price Description
$300 Server audit (without any configuration modifications).
$600 Server setup, configuration, optimization.
$50 / hour Additional work.
per month
1 Core
512MB Memory
20GB Storage (SSD)
1TB Transfer
per month
1 Core
1GB Memory
30GB Storage (SSD)
2TB Transfer
per month
2 Cores
2GB Memory
40GB Storage (SSD)
3TB Transfer
per month
2 Cores
4GB Memory
60GB Storage (SSD)
4TB Transfer